Has been known for drawing together diverse ideas, skills and ways of living from ancient spiritual disciplines to help encourage harmonious relationship between people and Mother Earth.

Co-founder of Ecological hotels in Tulum such Ahau Group, Alaya Tulum, Raw Love Raw vegan super food restaurant.

Co-Creator  of Paititi institute and CenoteIxChel Community in Tulum Jungle 

As it is part of her life’s Vision to co-create communities with a greater purpose and service. 

With an understanding that we are an extension of all life she has created a non- profit organization Unifytulum.org which has participated in passing the No mas Plastic Law nation wide , created recycling law in municipality of Tulum and help raise the  funding for waste management facility for all of tulum with 13 puntos limpios recycling centers. 

Co - Creator of Artwithme festival- forge alliances that have a direct impact on local infrastructure and sustainability, with better business practices, municipal support, and a commitment to the regeneration of our planet.


Milana started doing yoga at very young and teaching in early twenties, which lead her to continue her studies in Clinical nutrition , She has studied integrative medicine and functional  medicine approach. Her experience to combine treatment using bio resonance and several high tech energy medicine devices to optimize healing while using a method of pranic healing for advance energy scanning for diagnosis to access the body /soul information to create a personalized treatment plan with her beloved team of healers.


After a decade in competitive martial arts, Jakob left his home country and travelled around the world, learning different spiritual practices and conscious ways of living with nature. His curiosity towards all things nutrition and mindfulness related fueled the desire to experience different schools of knowledge and look at health and happiness from a more holistic perspective. That manifested through his travels through Asia and eventually managing a health-oriented restaurant and café in Melbourne, Australia. After finishing a yoga teacher training in India, he journeyed all over South America, learning about plant medicine healing and permaculture designs between some well known retreat centres and completely secluded tribal communities, sharing his knowledge of meditation through workshops and supporting conscious transformation with creative yoga classes.

Jakob is a trained chef with passion and understanding of optimal nutrition, a certified yoga teacher with years of teaching experience, a meditation coach with his practice rooted in yogic and buddhist traditions and certified in permaculture design. His vision is to assist personal transformation journeys through movement, healing foods, plant medicine, meditation and archetypal exploration, to teach and inspire through his writing and to co-create conscious eco-communities where strong like minded individuals work together with nature and each other.

He is currently studying an advanced integrative yoga program focusing on restorative and therapeutic styles as well as assisting well known restaurants in Tulum with creating a new, more holistic menú.


Is a board certified Dr of Chiropractic (DC).

He has spent the past 20 years combining his training and life experiences into his unique treatment protocol which combines chiropractic, muscular, osteopathic, breathwork and energetic therapies to create a technique which finds an individuals blockages wherever they exist.  His knowledge and teaching covers an extensive range of topics in the field of health, wellness and human potential. 


His thorough diagnosis allows each treatment to be customized to what the patient needs at the time.  He also advises on activities of daily living, ergonomics, general health, and rehabilitation/stabilization exercises as necessary.


In addition to his formal doctoral level training, Michael has received additional training in Functional Medicine. Craniopathy, Cranial-sacral therapy, organ manipulation, neurological reflex technique and energy healing.  He incorporates these with 30 years of study of Tai Qi, Qi Gong and other martial arts.  He is also the also the developer of Elemental Qi Balancing, a powerful technique for energetic healing that he incorporates into all of his treatments. 


Considers himself a consciousness explorer and a bridge-builder between cultures, worlds, dimensions and paradigms. His mission is to support humanity through its Evolution with education, awareness and discussion of the impacts of the present energy shifts upon the planet and Human Consciousness. His philosophy is to approach life from a HeartH-based, holistic, integrated and balanced perspective and pursue always big ideas with passion. Throughout his professional career as a communicator and visual artist he has been constantly looking for new ways of merging spirituality, modern science and ancient knowledge, to find practical and inspirational solutions for today’s world challenges. Grounded in this perspective, and based on a multidimensional understanding of current global events, since 2008 he has been dedicating his life to bring back to humanity ancient time mapping tools, rooted on the application of an advanced calendrical science devised by the ancient Maya of Mesoamerica. 


He believes these tools hold a fundamental key for our evolution and can provide important guidance for our modern society to re-organize ourselves and navigate the current Biosphere-Noosphere transition crisis on Earth. RuBen is currently coordinating a global team of people who wish to volunteer their Time or invest funds in supporting a 13-YEAR Calendar Awareness education campaign (2019-2032). To learn more about this initiative visit 13months28days. He is also a regular contributor of Tortuga1320.com, and HarmonicConvergence2020 where he “keeps the daily pulse”of Natural Time on Earth. As a modern “Time-Keeper” RuBen is dedicating his time to reconstruct and resurrect the Venus Calendar of old. He has been working on the design of a NEW 8-YEAR VENUS CALENDAR, a tool that can assist us in comprehending the harmonic fractal Nature of Time and entrain our minds and hearts with the Earth, Venus and the “Golden Proportion”, the mathematical principle present in ALL Nature. You can learn more about this tool at VenusCalendar.org

Daniel is the founder of BlessingsbetoAll.com Daniel is a Certified Pranic Healing Instructor, Associate Certified Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi. For the past sixteen years, he has traveled extensively to train under all eight of the current Master Pranic Healers in the world. 

An ardent lover of the Divine, Daniel has extensively delved into different paths including MentalPhysics, Astara, fire dancing with Emahó, retreats with Amma Karunamayi and many other Wisdom traditions.  

In the world of Yoga, Daniel is an internationally certified RYT 200 having completed the 200-hour programs of both the Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi program in New York City with living Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra and the Amana Institute of New Brunswick, Canada in Restorative Hatha Vinyasa.  

Balancing Spirituality with Materiality, Daniel has his Finance degree summa cum laude and is a seasoned investor. He uses his Project Management Profession designation (PMP) to manage the project controls, cost and schedule for billion-dollar projects. One of his unique strengths is helping others to get control of their financial lives in an effective, practical, ethical and spiritual manner. 

He has a true passion for incorporating Master Choa Kok Sui’s and other Wisdom teachings into all aspects of his life and assisting others to the same in theirs.


At an early stage of his life, Doctor Villafuerte felt strongly guided to walk the path of inner and outer healing.


He knew that in order to become a respected healer in the western medical community he had to first take the path of a Medical Doctor; Since he was 18 he enrolled in the field of allopathic medicine in the UNAM University located in Mexico City; after being close to drop out from school because funds were scarce, he had a dream about winning the lottery, next morning he bought a ticket and by miraculous synchronicity won one twentieth of the grand prize, which allowed him to continue his medical studies for one more year.


After this he was guided to live inside a yogic institution for two years where he gained access to ancient healing knowledge through the institute's library; this steered his medical perspective from a closed allopathic paradigm to an open exploration of natural medicine.

Thanks to this shift of perspective, he continued to study and explore his consciousness with the help of plant medicine such as psilocybin mushrooms and other non-psychoactive healing plants.


Now he is 74 years old and with about 55 years of experience in multidisciplinary medicine, he has manifested his dream of marrying together the natural, energetic and allopathic medicine into his own unique method to help himself and his patients become their best selves health wise, addressing with kindness all diseases, and with help of new technologies he is able to guide people through their healing from minor illnesses to chronic-degenerative diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and many more. 


He is most definitely a miracle for his own family and the people he has encountered in his path; now Dr. Villafuerte is ready to share his gift with as many people as possible.


I was born in Czech Republic, after years of traveling through Latin America, collecting diverse experiences, some of them from horse caravans, I finally arrived to Tulum in 2017. I am a cofounder of a community Ixchel garden, writer, artist and mother of a three year old son. My deep interest in human nature brought me to learn the art of listening in talking and sharing circles, women circles, cacao ceremonies and sound healing sessions. I love to share the beauty of life through music.

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